Verbal Behavior (VB) is a communication technique using the principles the theories of behaviorist B.F. Skinner. Its purpose is to become a motivational tool connecting words to their purpose and giving them value. This value allows the individual to obtain desired objects or other results.

A few examples of this type of communication include:

  • Mand: Usually a demand, request or command. Example: “I want the toy”.
  • Tact: Used to draw attention to an object. Example: “Look what I’m doing”.
  • Echoic: A repetition or imitation of a target sound, word, or phrase. Example: If you say “Cookie” and the child repeats “Cookie”.
  • Imitation: Client imitates the actions of others; including fine and gross motor activities. Example: Sign language. “Sign ball”.
  • Listener Responding (LR): The child responding to a placed demand. Example: “Touch the train”. Child touches the train.